Who’s the more important “Pepper”?

There’s been a ton of buzz around the big splash free agent signing of Julius Peppers this off season and rightfully so.  Julius Peppers may be 34 years old, but he is a freak athlete and instantly adds a more credible pass rushing threat opposite Clay Matthews.  Remember this play from the 2010 NFC Championship game against the Packers, courtesy of one Julius Peppers?

I am of the opinion that the more important “Pepper” is Pepper Burruss – the long tenured trainer on the Packers’ staff.  This team has been so ravaged by untimely injuries during Mike McCarthy’s tenure that you wonder if they don’t have fluoride in the drinking water at 1265 Lombardi ave.  The Packers have hired an analytics firm to start tracking injuries AND they have started to use GPS, so that they know the exact latitude and longitude where Clay Matthews will pull a hammy.

The ceiling of the Packers every year with Aaron Rodgers depends on the health of the rest of the team – it always has and always will.  The Packers had incredible depth when they won SB XLV with 15 players on IR.  They have not been able to duplicate the same quality of depth since that magical run.

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