What do you do with 3 QBs in one room?..You roast ’em!

Word has come down that Aaron Rodgers would like to get a panel discussion together with himself, Brett Favre & Bart Starr sometime in the near future.  I admire Rodgers for going out of his way to extend an olive branch to heal wounds and bring the Packer family together, but I would like to see a different type of get-together: A Roast

While it would be fun to reminisce stories of glory years and funny anecdotes I would MUCH rather see these guys just light into each other in a no-holds-barred insult match like we used to see in the 60s & 70s on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.  Could you imagine Rodgers and Favre going back and forth against each other in a battle of whits?  Now that’s entertainment…

The only problem may be with Bart Starr – how could you roast this guy?  He’s one of the most beloved players (and people) in NFL history…perhaps he could be the roast master and just let Favre & Rodgers try and one-up each other with one-liners, jokes about Olivia Munn, cell phone pics, crocs or whatever.  Think of the people that would be on that deus:

  • Mark Chmura
  • Frankie “Ol Bag a donuts” Winters
  • Mike Holmgren
  • Peter King (he would have to be there)
  • Grizzly Adams (I think he’s dead though…)
  • Olivia Munn
  • Jenn Sterger
  • Ron Wolf
  • Brad Childress
  • The guy who was recruited to Cal over Aaron Rodgers(?)
  • Alex Smith

Hell, Don Rickles is still ALIVE – he could attend and be the honorary roast master on that deus.  Let’s make this happen people…

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