I had the opportunity this past Saturday to attend the grand opening of Titletown Brewery’s new Beerworks operation in Green Bay.  Titletown has always been a favorite spot of mine to grab a brew and talk shop with other creatives.  I had no idea how much they planned on expanding until I saw what they had been feverishly working on this past Saturday night.

They have essentially moved their entire craft brewing operation to a location just behind their current restaurant/bar location near downtown Green Bay.  They have an awesome new tasting room and the building itself has a lot of exposed brick inside, which I always like as it adds an element of nostalgia and class.  They had a few bands playing in a tent outside which was ok, but when the temperature dropped and a lot of folks (including myself) scurried into the tasting room.  The bands were good, bad weather tends to happen in Green Bay in the late fall.  The beauty of their set-up is the location – both operations are right on top of each other so you can easily go to one location or both – nice job guys!

Craft beer operations have fascinated me for some time.  I am a beer connoisseur (I guess) so the thought of making your own unique beer seems really cool.  I encourage everyone to check out both Titletown brewery locations and I personally recommend the “400 Honey Ale”.

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