I am not much of a seasoned traveler, whether it be for business or pleasure.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t like to travel – it just means that there isn’t much time to travel.  My wife and I both work full time and we have two young children so our schedules are pretty hectic to say the least.  I have found the opportunity to do a fair amount of traveling during the past 3 months though and it is something that I really enjoyed.

Living in Green Bay Wisconsin you get can pretty isolated from the bigger, outside world.  Green Bay is older mid western city with a population that generally has lived there generation to generation.  In other words, if you were born there you grow up there and probably stay there during your adult life.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place to raise a family and there is an excellent work ethic in Green Bay, but it is a small, conservative and insulated town nonetheless.

Hello from Orlando, FL!

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Seattle, WA (twice), Denver, CO and Orlando, FL during the past 3 months.  Seattle has quickly become one of my favorite cities – it’s just fantastic on so many levels.  Any major city that is walkable is a plus, and Seattle is a very walkable city.  I used to live near Atlanta, GA and that city is anything but walkable.  I traveled to Denver to see my brother and Orlando was the destination for a trade show that I attended for work.  Florida has great weather but there is something about the state that seems to rub me the wrong way – I guess it just seems to be very tourist-y.



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