The story behind the design: Sustayn Branding

This was a fun project from the standpoint that I was given the task to come up with a brand name, as well as the logo and marketing materials that would accompany the name.  The product itself is a 100% recycled spill control solution for industrial distributors. The name & branding came pretty quickly, the products themselves took some years to develop into a viable solution that could sell.  In the end everything came together nicely.

The starting point was actually based on a current brand of spill control products, known as Spilfyter (phonetic for Spill fighter).  We were looking for a sub-brand that had a similar sound and “feel” as this main brand – a brand that also explained what it did within the name itself.  I purposely started to look for words that started with the letter “S”.  I kept coming back to the word “Sustainability”.  This new product offering was going to be made from 100% recycled materials so this word seemed to fit very well.  However, it was too long to be positioned as a brand name.

I then went to the word “Sustain”; which is a verb so there was a dynamic feel to it right away and it explained the “green” story behind the product.  I wanted this brand to look and feel right at home with it’s parent brand, Spilfyter.  The next logical step was to turn the word into something phonetic, and voila: Sustayn!

Brand name and logo for a recycled offering of spill control products

You can get very clever with something like this, but you can go overboard pretty quick too.  I wanted to introduce some sort of simple “green” element into the logo so I made the “y” into a branch with a leaf.  The PMS color is Green #348.  Below is a quick introductory video I created for the company youtube page:

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