The story behind the design: Spilfyter Wipe Branding

This was a very fun project because I got to take a pretty bland existing package design and really, really spruce it up – these packages really have become the industry standard for branding in this particular category of industrial distribution.  Let’s get to it…

This particular product is known as an industrial wipe – think of it like a box of tissues on steroids.  You pull out a wiper from a dispensing box and another comes out right behind it.  The target end-user of this product are places like factories, maintenance shops, auto mechanics and other places where grease and grime are everywhere.  These folks like everything tough – their cloths, their car, their tools and yes even their wipes and hand cleaners.  Keep in mind that this isn’t really retail – it’s more B-2-B sales so they aren’t going to walmart to get these products.  They are used to getting cheap plain boxes or used rags for wiping tasks.   Here is what the competitor’s product looks like:


Anyhow, one of the first things that came to mind in setting about the branding was the image of perforated metal (see below).  This has a tough, yet very refined look to it.  These wipes needed to be just like “tools” – they need to be tough but also refined and polished.

The next step was introducing some color into the brand.  The main spilfyter logotype and subsequent branding typically uses PMS #293, which is sort of a clean marine blue color.  I wanted to start at this color, but get a little richer and darker so I decided upon PMS #295.  This new color was known as “gun-metal blue” throughout the project.  Below is a dieline file of one of these wipe cartons with PMS 293 blue over-layed on the perforated metal design.


We added a spot-uv layer during printing that went directly over the “holes” in the perforated metal design – this really made the carton “pop” and appear to actually be made out of metal!  The result was for all intents and purposes a wipe carton that looked like a toolbox.  This product finally had a cool factor!  We then did a photoshoot for the product brochure where different gels were positioned to give the product an even more industrial/tool feel.  See sample image below.  That’s me in the background as a “model”.  Fun project!

50900_productshot3 50900_closeup-2

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