The story behind the design: NPS Nonwovens branding identity

It isn’t very often where you get to design a branding identity package that can have more than one usable function.  The identity package for the NPS Nonwovens brand served as not only branding collateral, but also as pocketed folder that could hold samples of product inside of it.  NPS Nonwovens manufactures very specific soft, elastic fabrics used in the adult care , baby care and wound care industries.

The concept for this piece actually came about by accident.  I noticed a Keurig coffee brochure laying on the table at my house The size of the brochure and the folder it came in intrigued me so I took the concept and started to formulate a gusseted pocket folder that could be used to hold samples as well.  The actual dieline for the gusseted pocket and corresponding spread panel is below.


The overall look and feel of this piece is pretty simple and minimal – with some vector graphics and soft, pastel colors that correspond to the NPS Nonwovens logo.  The actual printed piece was printed as a 2-color duotone – this is why the photography looks the way it does.  I really wanted to make this piece look sharp so we also embossed the “N” logo on the front, and built verbiage around the reverse emboss on the inside panel.  2 score lines were added on the gusseted pocket that allowed for a business card to be inserted and held in place.  The finish of the piece is soft-touch aqueous, which fit very well as we wanted to convey “softness” as much as possible as that is a core attribute of the fabrics that NPS Nonwovens actually produces.  The finished piece is below:


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