The story behind the design: Deviant Koi

I haven’t done any blog posts about any of my illustration pieces – until now!  I have always been a fan of old school tattoo imagery and Japanese art – this is where the inspiration for this drawing came from originally.  I always do pencil sketches first and then do vector tracing and colorizing in Adobe Illustrator.


I have always been a person who likes the dark side of things, whether that’s art, music or even comedy.  I tried to make this Koi fish look pretty menacing, by basically swapping a skull for where a normal fish head would normally sit.  Once I get about 75% of the sketching done I put a bitmap of the sketch into illustrator, lock down the layer and begin the vector conversion.  The sketching usually takes a couple hours at most – the labor intensive work takes place with the vector conversion.  The results are always worth the wait.   I’d like to see this on a t-shirt, maybe like this:


Below is a youtube tutorial of the vector-ization process:

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