The story behind the design: Crisis Fatigue

Crisis Fatigue

When I write music I like to write multiple songs so that I can essentially put out an “album” of sorts.  This is the story of the album artwork for my collection of songs on the album called “Crisis Fatigue”.

The title of this record was the easiest thing to come up with – I heard this phrase a few times during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in 2005 and it stuck in my head for some reason.  It sounded like such a disingenuous way to say “We’re tired of dealing with all this sh**”.  Anyway, I ran with that phrase and went about writing & recording the songs in Apple Garageband. I then wanted to come up with a really cool, composite Photoshop image that could convey that phrase – so I went hunting in my photo library.  I quickly found a really cool image from some fire extinguisher training at my day job.  Here is that original image:

DSC_0144 (1)

After seeing the aboe image I immediately got the idea to put a brain in a jar on top of the flaming table in the photo.  I had to scour some stock photo web sites to find the image I wanted, and I found this:


The rest of this image came pretty naturally through standard Photoshop techniques, to include superimposing the title of the album on the bottom of the metal table that is on fire.  The result was a very powerful, singular image that stood on it’s own.  Enjoy!

CD Cover Design
CD Cover Design

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