The story behind the design: “Corporate Groundbreaking” illustration

I’ve been working on digital illustrations a lot over the past few months. I prefer to do most of my sketching and idea development with pencil/paper, but as I get older i get more impatient so I’ve been trying to do the entire process on computer.  It has it’s challenges no doubt, but computers have come so far in such a short period of time that it’s much easier for me to just skip the analog part of drawing and go right to digital…

Most of my illustration ideas come to me out of nowhere – something pops in my head and then I set a reminder on my macbook with a few notes.  When I get some time I start to work in adobe illustrator and just go from there.  This particular illustration was no different.  I love trying to take phrases or double meanings, turn them on their head, and then create a visual that basically screws with your head.  I spent most of my youth learning to draw human forms, comic books, etc. so that stuff has become old hat.  I want to move on to more conceptual-based art that uses crisp, clean vectors.

Below is a wireframe of the layout in adobe illustrator:


I always like create as many of the graphics as I can in my illustrations, but I use other images for reference as needed. In the case of the tombstone this was actually based on an actual halloween prop that I created myself.  It started in vector so I had that graphic asset at the start of this illustration:


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