…it’s almost always odd time signatures and heavy guitar for this guy…until now.

For those that know me and my music tastes, I normally write, record and listen to heavy prog rock music.  It is essentially a razor-thin slice of the music genre spectrum, but that’s what makes me tick.  I listen to blues rock and some other industrial bands but it’s almost always odd time signatures and heavy guitar for this guy…until now.

I’ve written about 6-7 acoustic tracks over the past 10 or so years but I haven’t done much with them.  Some are ok, some are pretty good but most of them need some cleaning up in some capacity.  I wrote them more out of boredom.  I decided to knock the dust off of them after immersing myself with Alice in Chains and their Jar of Flies EP.  I consider that to be the greatest EP ever written.

I chose the title “The Loudness War” as sort of a tongue in cheek take on acoustic music vs. heavy music but it also had a nice ring to it – I could see that being the title of a record in many different genres.  If you want to find out more about the concept behind the name go here.

I never record vocals because I can’t sing – this is quite depressing but I’ve learned to deal with it over the years.  I’m not going to destroy a potentially good song by singing poorly over it.  The feel of this EP is similar to that of AIC and JOF – it’s got a light/dark sort of haunting quality to it.  I plan to put alot of reverb on all the instrumentation but keep the volumes down to get that JOF type of sound.  I want to introduce some subtle strings, pianos and some clean guitar licks.  There have been a rash of deaths in my family over the past 6 months that has contributed to the mood on this record.  It’s going to be dedicated to all of those folks.

I encourage anyone to check out the progress of this EP – it should be done in the next couple weeks but I wanted to put some of the work in progress (WIP) out on my Soundcloud channel anyway.

CLICK HERE to check out the playlist.  Enjoy!

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