During the past year or so I have networked with a lot of great people in the Northeast Wisconsin.  I ran across an opportunity through linkedin late in 2013 that was my first foray into a startup.  I was initially brought aboard to create a new logo for a company called Rentsmartrewards.  I have been involved since then and have done some other branding and marketing work as well.

The premise of RentSmartRewards is sort of like match.com – renters and properties are “matched” together through a series of questions and analytics.  I would expand on this more, but this blog is more about the experience not necessarily the inner workings of this particular business.

The interesting thing about startups, based on my brief experience, is how day-to-day business is conducted.  There is no brick and mortar at all, rather much of the work is done via online resources like basecamp, email, google docs or google hangouts.  It is very much a virtual type of interface with the other folks involved with the project.  I must admit that I was hesitant with this type of set-up but there is something to be said for always being “off-site” almost 100% of the time.  The hangouts, email contact and other methods of communication are very straightforward with little or no small talk – I am not that big into small talk 🙂

I am working on this project pro bono and there isn’t a ton of working capital to pull from anyway so things like travel and face-to-face meetings don’t really make business sense – they are somewhat of an unnecessary expense I suppose.  Our team has met in person one time and it was great to put faces with names and email addresses.

This particular “venture” has taken me out of my comfort zone a bit, but that is good for me.  My risk level is basically zero as compared to others who are more monetarily & emotionally invested.  I have tried to keep that in mind during my affiliation with them so far.

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