Packers in-game experience is lacking

I like many appreciate the history & tradition of the Packers and I believe that for the most part these qualities are the brand of the Green Bay Packers.  Let me preface the ensuing blog post by stating this: the stadium experience at Lambeau is second to none – it is exceptional in every way since the Atrium add and upgrade in the early 2000s. Tailgating is awesome at Lambeau. While the NFL and the packers themselves market the team very well one thing that is sorely lacking is a quality in-game experience at Lambeau Field.  Let me elaborate a bit…

  • G-Force: whoever came up with this campaign, logo and “theme song” should wipe it off their resume – it’s laughable…at best.
  • No Wifi/Data inside the Lambeau bowl: I’ve been to about 15 – 20 games at Lambeau in my time and it never ceases to amaze me that this still has not been addressed at all. This may be more of a convenience, but who isn’t checking their smartphone during TV timeouts or to check up on scores?
  • Cheerleaders: I’m not a big cheerleader guy, but if you’re going to do this you should do it right.
  • In Game Music selection: They’ve got to get more contemporary here, and dump “Roll out the barrel“…it’s an abomination (my opinion).

I’m not trying to come across as an entitled curmudgeon here – I think that the above bullet points are hurting the brand just a little bit. I think it’s also worth noting that the off season training camp experience is also the best in the NFL.  The tradition of riding kids’ bikes and all that stuff is pretty cool and makes the team even more special.  The railbird practices and all that are also exceptional and are a great fan experience.  I do think they need to turn some of their attention to the real-time in-game marketing in the near future.

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