Wow. My wife and I just got back from a vacation to Seattle, WA and I must say – I am recharged, refreshed and still in awe at some of the things I saw and experienced.  The world is a big place, sometimes it’s hard to remember that when you’re slugging away at your day-to-day activities.

This was our first vacation (without kids) in almost 6 years.  The funny thing is we almost didn’t even go to Seattle – the choice was between Boston and Seattle and Boston nearly won out.  I’m glad we went to Seattle though – the town is awesome and there is so much incredible scenery within a few hours drive in almost any direction.

Downtown Seattle on the move
Downtown Seattle on the move

The first thing I noticed about Seattle is that it is a very walkable city – almost everything seemed to be within a 3-5 mile radius.  The city is perched on a series of hills, so the panoramic views that were available were incredible to see.  There is history, culture, dining, entertainment, etc. – you name it and Seattle has it.  They also have a lot of Starbucks – basically there’s a Starbucks on every city block.

A panorama picture I took of downtown Seattle

The city of Seattle is very nice, but the true gem of our trip was our excursion to Mount Rainier, about 2 hours southeast of Seattle.  I didn’t know anything about mountains or mountain climbing prior to this visit but the very site of Mt. Rainier, and our subsequent hike to 6,000 ft, changed me for good.  The views from Mt. Rainier are practically life changing – it really hit me in the soul.  My wife and I may actually plan a hike to the summit sometime in the future – if we can swing it!

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