At my day job I am the marketing director for a local manufacturer in Green Bay.  We make industrial and marine spill control products, some of which were used in the Deep Water Horizon spill in 2010. I had the privilege to attend a mock oil spill training session organized by the Green Bay fire department in cooperation with the EPA, Coast Guard and a private spill response company.   This was a very interesting and eye-opening look into real-life risk management, and emergency response tactics with regards to dealing with an oil spill on water.

The logistics surrounding even a staged spill are incredible, and should be appreciated by anyone who ever deals in this type of scenario.  I would estimate that 40+ people from varying government agencies were involved in this training.  This was being treated as close to the real thing as possible – and it showed.  The main thing I took away from this entire en devour was that communication is key – this obviously applies to all areas of life, but especially to projects both large and small.

Here are a few quick pictures I took during the event. Enjoy!

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