It’s not revenge we’re after–it’s a reckoning.

Fail Mary. Clueless in Seattle.

We all know what happened the last time that the Packers and Seahawks met in the regular season.  The ending sucked for sure, but I was much more concerned with everything that happened BEFORE the fail mary.  Let me explain…

  1.  The Packers offensive line gave up 8 SACKS IN THE 1ST HALF ALONE – that is so bad I’m running out of adjectives to describe how bad that was.
    1. RT Brian Bulaga was a turnstile the entire night – I believe he gave up 4 of the 8 sacks by himself(!)
  2. There was no running game to take pressure of Rodgers and the passing game – we had Cedric Benson as our starting running back (Yikes!)
  3. Seattle kept 2 safeties deep all game, there was no pass protection and no receivers getting open…this was the story of the entire night.

2012 was QB Russell Wilson’s rookie year, but he also threw some dimes against our defense that night – everyone in Wisconsin knew that Wilson was wayyyyyyyy better than what the draft pundits thought.  His film while playing for the badgers speaks for itself.

Anyway, I will be going back to the scene of the crime this year: Yes, I will be flying out to Seattle because I was lucky enough to score a ticket.  I’m not bitter about the fail mary, because the Packers deserved to lose that game the minute they stepped off the bus in 2012.  Their plan on offense was to throw, throw again and then throw some more.  If that didn’t work, then well…they had no back-up plan.  The plan on defense was to, for the most part, sit back and dare a rookie QB to beat them. Wilson didn’t put on clinic or anything but he took what the defense gave him.  I leave you with this…(at the 2:27 minute mark).

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