It’s my favorite time of the year – fall in Wisconsin.  The leaves are changing color from green to golden brown and the air is getting crisp.  Now that I’ve gotten all the sappy shit out of the way, I’ll focus on why I really love this time: It’s Halloween!

See, my family and I are “that neighbor”, yes that cooky neighbor that decorates their yard with crazy, gory props like they are trying to get themselves on some sort of reality tv program.  Every year I try to build a new, grotesque Halloween prop to add to my deviant collection – hell, I’ve got a whole page on my website devoted to this stuff. My garage becomes an incubator of the macabre for about 2 to 3 weeks while we craft our latest masterpiece.  We don’t buy ready made stuff off the shelf – almost all of our props are meticulously planned and then made by hand – as they should be.

This year we are doing some rather small things in comparison to years past – we managed to find an online tutorial that shows how to make it look like your head is in glass jar:


We also added a toy chainsaw prop to our boneyard, no photo for that though…that prop was bought and not made.  The coolest thing that we did this year was make a Darth Vader head/helmet prop as an ode to the new Star Wars movie coming out later this year.  I bought a cheap plastic darth vader mask and then melted away a good chunk of it using a small hand held butane torch.  I then put a skull prop inside the mask and held it in place with spray foam insulation.  Here it is:


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