Well, my exhibition at the Art Garage is coming to a close – as of late next week my 3 month reign of terror will be over 🙁  They provided me with my first real exhibition of my art work and for that I will be grateful.

I have a soft spot for the Art Garage.  I was there for the grand opening about 7 years ago and have made many trips over there since then to see the happenings and just stay in tune with the creative scene in Green Bay.  Not many folks know this, but I took my (now) wife on our first date at the Art Garage.  We showed up to a Friday open jam session whereby a motley crew of rag tag local musicians just jammed it out for over an hour or so.  Those were the gold ol’ days.  Here’s some pics from that night way back when.

Granted, that wasn’t the most impressive idea for a first date, but it’s still pretty cool to know that the Art Garage will be forever linked to me and my wife in a somewhat intimate and special way.  I digress – If you happen to be in the area in the next week please stop by and check out my art work.  I’d love to know everyone’s opinion.

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