Have you ever been asked that question “…What’s more important: the journey or the destination?”  I think about that a lot, in all areas of my life.  It’s not like there’s a right or wrong answer.  Can you be in love with both the journey AND the destination equally?  I can tell you that I am definitely a journey guy, or another way to put it: a process guy.

When I sit down to tackle a creative problem I find that my mind is like a super highway – with tons of ideas zooming down it at break-neck speed.  Every once in a while I’ll latch onto one idea and get off on that “exit ramp”.  This can be exhilarating but it can also be dangerous – sometimes that exit can lead you in circles or even a creative dead end.  This may be a convoluted description, but it’s the best analogy I can make with how my mind works and how I get through the journey to the destination.

When I write or record music it’s a little different but there are still similarities.  Progrock is very complex in nature with a lot of layers and changes going on so that is probably why I am so fond of that kind of music (I also love a big crunchy guitar riff).  Many people have said that my original songs sound more like movie soundtracks vs. a regular song that you would hear on the radio.  My response to that is usually something like “thank god, because the radio sucks“.  I guess it’s only fitting that my songs sound like soundtracks – they are basically the soundtrack to the song writing process! (hopefully that makes sense).

I’m a pretty self-aware person, so I know that I need to work on being satisfied with the results of many of my creative endeavors, but that’s still pretty hard for me to do.  I get so emotionally invested in the process that I’m basically spent when it’s all over and complete.  I don’t have any energy left to sit back and say “Hooray! Look what I did.”  I usually put it aside in my vault and move on to the next creative project.

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