If the Clippers are worth $2B, how much are the Packers worth?

All of this Donald Sterling/Clippers talk of late had me pondering how much the Packers could get if they got sold (hypothetically, obviously).  Now I am not financial wiz nor do I want to be, but if an NBA team like the Clippers, which has basically no good tradition or history of winning, is worth $2,000,000,000 then what in the world would some rich guy be willing to pay for the Packers?!  Let’s look at some fast facts on the Packers:

The Good:

  • The oldest team in the most popular professional sports league
  • Most championships of any team in league history (13)
  • More NFL hall of fame players than any other franchise
  • The most famous coach in all of sports history was at the helm for nearly a decade (Vince Lombardi)
  • The only team in professional sports that is publicly owned: ordinary folks who buy stock that pays no dividends…EVER
  • Team plays at Lambeau field – known in many circles as the “Mecca of professional football”
  • Every game, whether pre-season or regular season, is always sold out and there is a 40+ year waiting list for season tickets
  • Team has been very competitive for the last +20 years with 2 MVP quarterbacks guiding the franchise back-to-back

The Bad:

  • Green Bay, WI is the smallest city currently holding a professional sports franchise
  • Um…it’s cold here (a lot of the time)

The Ugly:

  • Revenue sharing and a salary cap are what make the Packers possible – take away that business model and they are gone in 2 seconds…poof.

“Known Financials”:

  • Forbes has the Packers valued at $1.18B (12th among NFL Franchises)
  • $282M in revenue; $54M operating income

The Forbes valuations list is almost like throwing a dart at a board IMO – All it takes is more than one additional bidder and the selling price would skyrocket in my opinion.  Could you imagine being the sole owner of the most storied NFL Franchise?!  Talk about bragging rights…

The Clippers are based in Los Angeles, which is a huge market but there’s a problem – there’s also another NBA team in that city that is practically as storied as the Packers – the LA Lakers.  Granted, the Lakers are down right now and the Clippers are on the upswing but I would not want to compete with the Lakers in their backyard.


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