I can (and will) improve my copy writing skills

I love the challenge of design – how do you convey an emotional message through powerful visuals?  I have found over the years that I am not much of a copywriter and, to be honest, I have been guilty of downplaying the importance of this aspect of branding and design.  Obviously this needs to change and I am making a concerted effort to do just that.  I usually end up doing a fair amount of copy writing tasks myself on creative projects whether that be standard verbiage, product SKU information, features & benefits, etc.  I have opinions and sensibilities about typefaces used in copy writing, but I need to work on showing the same passion towards the content itself.

Have you ever picked up a brochure or visited a web site that looks really cool, but when you’re done viewing it you stop and ask: “What am I looking at?  I see all these great graphics and pretty photos but I can’t tell what this product or service actually does(!)”  You read the copy again and then you are more confused…this isn’t good as the brand promise has already been broken before it has even begun!

Keeping things simple is always the best approach in my mind – I have always felt that the best advertisements are the ones that have short and punchy copy with a quick visual.  I saw these the other day on facebook – great stuff.

I did a quick self initiated ad campaign about a year ago in response to the Boston Marathon tragedy.  I really struggled coming up with the copy tagline, because I’m almost always creating the visuals.  Long story short, I ended up coming up with a phrase that was central to the campaign: “Something wicked awesome this way runs.”  Below are a few of the visuals I created:


I have always subscribed to the thought that a brand is a promise – that promise entails everything associated with a brand whether it’s customer service, brochures, ease of doing business with, or yes even the copy writing used within the brand.  You can always improve your skills – you just need to be aware and willing to make a commitment to improve.

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