Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog – no excuse. I need to stay on top of this as it is like exercise for the brain.  I digress…

I am what you would call a control freak…I like being comfortable and having routines in almost every aspect of my life.  I think there is something to be said for having a routine and sticking to it, but too much of the same thing does get maddening at times.  Trying to control things that I cannot has always been a challenge – but I have been able to do it when I really try and show some initiative.

Here’s a recent albeit non-serious example: I am a huge Packer fan – so much so that I actually started to blog about the team in my spare time.  I used to live and die with each win/loss and would read articles about the team by the local beat writers all the time.  I was immersed in the Packers during the season.  The problem is, when you get so emotionally invested in something it tends to consume you and then you start to just look at only the negative things.  Long story short, I couldn’t see the team for what it was: An instrument of entertainment.  NFL Football is entertainment.  I made a concerted effort to scale back my passion for the Packers and the results have been pretty good – I can actually watch a game and not turn into a negative-nancy!

The adage is definitely true: If you try to control things that you CANNOT control you will drive yourself mad.  When things get crazy I try to take a deep breath and think about this.

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