Can we get to “football” already?

Look, I’ll get right to the point…enough with the tabloid stories about Johnny Manziel in Vegas or Aaron Rodgers and Oliva Munn.  It’s such a sad state of affairs when you see reputable news outlets like SI scroll stories like these on my twitter feed.  The NFL is such a marketing juggernaut that the draft (THE DRAFT!) ratings beat out NBA finals and stuff like that…smh.

Well, I for one cannot wait until OTAs and training camp where we can see 20 minute walk throughs and drills that masquerade as “tackling”.  See, everyone wants training camp to get here, but this ain’t your daddy’s training camp – this is the 2014 edition thanks to the recent CBA that basically says “hey, we know you have rookies that are studying playbooks that are 8 inches thick, but they’ll have it memorized after about 4 hours worth of practing over 4 weeks this summer.

Mike McCarthy is right – this new CBA is a sham – the owners made out like bandits and the players basically play flag football until the bullets fly in the 1st regular season contest.  With 25% roster turn-over year over year it’s more imperative than ever to get as many reps and padded practices during training camp as one can get.  Now, if only the packers can stay healthy…

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