There are few things better than going camping in Door County, WI during the summer.  I had the pleasure of going camping for the first time in 2014 this past weekend and we did it in style with our new (old) pop-up camper!

I made a conscious decision to buy a used pop-up for a lot less money just in case we don’t like using it.  I have heard way too many stories where a family goes out and buys a brand new $20,000 pop-up, they use it one or two times and then decide to get rid of it for way less money.  Well I’m not falling victim to that, no sir! We decided to buy a pop-up because A) we have two kids and B) they really look fun to use.

Our pop-up is a 1997 Viking model with 4-bike rack on top. I bought it used from a private owner for $2,000.  1997 was a long time ago believe it or not, but the previous owner took very good care of this camper.  It has king size bed on one side and a full-size on the other so it’s got plenty of room.  It’s got electrical hook-up and running water hook-up and even has a propane heater as well.  We basically want to treat this thing like a really nice tent though – we don’t plan on using electric that much.

There really is something about driving into the woods and basically throwing your smartphone into a ditch for a couple days.  My wife and I both work full time and her schedule can fluctuate so many times I play daddy day care and her and I are like ships in the night during the work week.  These are the types of family activities where you truly do bond, without all the superficial fluff bouncing around in your head all the time.  I think it is also the nature of every Wisconsinite to cherish the warm weather while you can, because winter is coming.

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