I just got back from visiting my younger brother Ben, who lives in Denver Colorado.  It’s taken me 5+ years to get out for my first visit to him since he’s moved there – a pretty pathetic effort on my part.  All hyperbole aside, this was another excellent excursion that came on the back of my recent trip to Seattle with my wife.

My brother Ben is 5 years younger than me but he’s about 5 inches taller and in incredible shape.  His daily life revolves around transforming his mind and body into a well-oiled machine.  He’s in impeccable physical shape and he watches EVERYTHING he eats.  He works as a personal trainer and personal growth coach.  From this perspective, he and I are almost polar opposites…but when you examine further we actually have a lot in common.  Let me explain:

Ben and I can quote silly movies or TV shows for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It’s basically a juvenile laugh fest when we get together, which is great.  This “skill” is something that he and I both love to display in public.  Most people refer to our “skill” as “worthless” and “nonsense”.  My brother and I also have a kinship in that we both have felt an almost dangerous need to psychologically please our father.  Don’t get me wrong: we had a very good, productive upbringing but I think that the astounding success that our dad had in business strained our personal development in our teenage/college years.  It’s hard to reconcile the need to constantly get your father’s approval, even when that approval had been met long ago.   Now that we are older, Ben and I can discuss this family topic openly – which is the best way to deal with it in my opinion.

Well, let’s end on a positive, uplifting note – here are some pics!

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