I didn’t know Chris Aaron closely on a personal level, but we shared one commonality: we were both musicians.

This blog is way overdue given when the tragedy of Chris Aaron’s passing occurred.  I feel compelled to write it because I owe him that much…

I’ll give a little background for starters.  Chris Aaron was a blues guitarist who played in Wisconsin and throughout the mid west during the past decade or so.  I met Chris in passing about 10 years ago at some dumpy bar in Green bay when a drummer buddy of mine was performing with him.  Chris was very good at what he did – he played the blues.  For those that aren’t musicians or fans of blues-based rock this statement doesn’t mean much but trust me – it means everything to someone who lives, eats & breaths the blues.

I have often called music the great equalizer because you can form a band with all sorts of different personalities and walks of life.  Music brings every person to the same plane – some may hear different messages in the same song, but everyone can relate to the emotional zen that music can provide.  I’ve been in bands with guys that could barely hold a job but when we got together to play music everyone united and worked toward that common goal. It’s an emotional connection that is hard to describe to non-musicians.  It’s a drug really…a natural high.

I digress – I feel like I had some kinship with Chris because he was a musician – he understood.  I actually saw the last gig that he ever performed, the grand opening of Titletown’s new brewery this past October.  I was horrified to read the next week that he had passed away.  I was able to see him doing what he loved – performing in front of a crowd. The least I could do is acknowledge Chris and his music, even if I wasn’t a close personal friend of his.  Please visit his website HERE to see more of what he was about, as well as to donate to a college fund set-up for his children.  God bless, and rest in peace Chris.  You will be missed.

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