There is a great creative tool out there that many creatives have no idea even exists…until now!  I want to tell you about LiveSurface.

You see that image of the tattoo sleaves the heading of this blog?  It wasn’t creating through an arduous workflow of Photoshop compositing – it was done in a matter of minutes using LiveSurface Context, an Adobe Illustrator plug-in that has become a go-to for quick composite image making projects.

The beauty of the program is in it’s simplicity – you put your vector graphics into the artboard and hit the apply artwork button and LiveSurface takes care of the rest in a matter of seconds.  You can then export the composite image into a variety of high-res bitmap formats (jpeg, tiff, etc.)

LiveSurface has a vast library of photos that you can download.  Price isn’t really an issue either – you pay about $130 for an annual, unlimited subscription – meaning you can do whatever you want whenever you want for $130 a year.  Not bad at all.

LiveSurface won’t solve everything, but if you have a client that wants their logo or some design shown on a bus, a billboard, wine bottle, match book, etc. etc. and they need it in a pinch then this is the program for you.

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