I used to scoff at people that wrote blogs and shared them with everybody…used to being the operative phrase.  I have found that there is so much knowledge and insight that I need to get out and this turns out to be a great platform to do just that.  I often get asked “How did you make that?” or “how do you come up with stuff?” in terms of the art, design or music that I create.  The goal of this blog is let you take a walk into my “third eye” – my brain!

First off, let me share where “3RDi Graphics” came from.  It actually came about in the year 2000 when I was listening to the song “Third Eye” by my favorite band, Tool.  Now, let me be clear – that song is more about psychotropic substances versus using your brain persae – I am not implying that my brand should be attached to something such as this.  I am such a visual person and the phrase “third eye” seemed to be a great metaphor for thinking, feeling and emoting – ie the brain! Everything that I create comes back to this over-arching concept. Emotive, feeling and visual.

I chose the tagline “Creativity…with an edge” to let people/clients know that I am not really interested in being a bland commercial artist – I want to think outside the box, push the visual boundaries and maybe even make the audience feel just a bit uncomfortable…that creates staying power.  You have to find balance for sure, but when was the last time something boring and bland had staying power?

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