2014 Packers OTA practice thoughts

I was able to watch about 30 minutes of the Packers OTA practice on June 3rd, 2014 on my lunch break.  While it’s fun to get up close to watch some of the players do some drills it’s still just guys running around in shorts giving 50% effort.  It’s almost impossible to discern anything of substance, save for a few nice catches from receivers and tight ends.  This year’s team does appear to have more talent and depth which is NEVER a bad thing.  It’s a pretty simple formula in my mind: This team should compete deep in the playoffs every year with ARod at QB and an average defense on the other side – they have to stay healthy, which has been a huge problem ever since McCarthy has arrived in GB. A few quick notes:

  • Colt Lyerla was absent – not sure why.  He was actually the main guy I wanted to see so that sucked.
  • BJ Raji was absent too.
  • Aaron Rodgers was very fluid in every drill he did – no surprise there.
  • Rodgers was taking a bunch of snaps from JC Tretter, who looks the part (in shorts).
  • Jordy Nelson is something else – the guy even took part in a few of the QB drills for grins and threw some darts into targets about 15 years away. He did drop a deep post from Rodgers later in practice.
  • Julius Peppers is a big dude – I have to admit he looks a little strange standing up in a 3-4 defense. They guy looks like he should have his hand in the dirt.

McCarthy is continuing this routine where they pump in loud music to emulate TV time outs or something…As a fan in the stands it’s annoying because they usually play crappy music, but if it makes the team perform better I don’t care what music they play.  Now onto some pics and videos!


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